The Lazarski University Alumni Club is an informal association over a thousand of the University graduates. The Club was inaugurated in 2009.


Since then, integration events have been regularly organised at Lazarski Unversity. The Club acts for the benefit of the graduates and in cooperation with them. In 2014, the Club members elected the Alumni Club Council, which meets periodically in order to discuss the activities undertaken.

Its tasks, inter alia, include:

  • Consulting and preparing opinions on issues that the University organisational units refer to the Alumni Club Council; 
  • Developing opinions on issues concerning the University on behalf of the Club;
  • Planning, initiating and organising the Club activities.

The Club has over 1,000 members.

The Alumni Club creates good relations between the University community, the social and economic environment, local communities, institutions and the media.

It publicises the Lazarski University educational offer of knowledge extension and qualifications improvement (post-graduate studies, MBA, training, courses).

The Club supports Lazarski University students’ initiatives and raises funds for statutory activities of Lazarski University Foundation.


The Club organises networking meetings of the graduates to enable them exchange information about business contacts and strengthen the ties between them as well as between them and the University. The Club organises students’ meetings with the graduates who have already succeeded in their career called Meetings with a successful graduate.

In cooperation with business partners, the Club also organises thematic competitions as well as Lazarski Diamonds Contest. It aims to promote Lazarski University graduates, who have been successful in various areas of their professional and private life. All graduates have an opportunity to join the Alumni Club Card discount project.

The aim of the project is to provide the graduates with a possibility of getting discounts on given services and products as well as to strengthen the bonds between them and the University. Our partners are companies from different sectors offering various services, inter alia, cultural, entertainment, trade and gastronomic ones.

The Club is responsible for the organisation of entertainment events such as picnics and bowling tournaments. The Alumni Club organises the Graduation Ceremony and develops an alumni yearbook each academic year.

The Alumni Club is also involved in promoting culture. For years now, the Club has been organising paintings and photographs exhibitions, whose authors are most often the University graduates.

Lazarski graduates also present their professional achievements in the University publications and our online service.


The Club is involved in social projects for the local and regional communities:

  • “Fill in the PIT form (tax return) at Lazarski University” – a project within which the members of the public are provided assistance in tax return preparation,
  • “Health Day at Lazarski University” – a project within which the members of the public are offered free of charge medical check-up and consultations,
  • “Marrow Donors Day” – a project during which potential donors are registered at the University,
  • “Law Day at Lazarski University” – a project during which the University offers free of charge legal counselling to people who cannot afford it.

Every graduate who is the Club member can have an email account without a time limit, use the wi-fi on the University campus and can use the University Library resources on preferential terms.

The Cub members are offered a 25% discount on post-graduate studies and a 20% discount on MBA and foreign language courses organised by the University.

The graduates are also associated on the social networking site

We invite all the Lazarski University graduates to join the Club and be active.

Let us develop the Club together.