Karina Tkachuk

Hewlett-Packard Finance Ambassador

Success Story

My name is Karyna Tkachuk and studies at Lazarski University have changed my life. I decided that I want to study at Lazarski University in 2010. I just had a feeling that it is the place where I can fulfill all my aspirations. In 2013 I arrived in Warsaw, and I had to participate in Two month English course before the beginning of studies. I did not believe in myself but I worked really hard on passing the exam for B2 level and on becoming the student of Lazarski University.

Most people will agree that every beginning is difficult, for me it was the same. I did not sleep well, I studied a lot because I did not want to disappoint my parents who invested in my education. I also wanted to prove myself that education will help me to find a good job afterward and to find my place in the life. However, my efforts and dedication brought some results and I won the contest on becoming the best international student of Lazarski University. ‘Lazarski Diamonds Contests’ gave me inspiration and helped my family, as I received 50% off discount for the next year of studies.

In autumn 2014 I saw the announcement in the Lazarski newsletter that the International Recruitment Office looks for the intern. I sent my CV and received the invitation for the interview. It appeared that they were looking for the intern who will continue to work there part-time. I was extremely happy that university gave me such a chance, and for almost two years I had been working in the university. Surrounded by the high ranked specialists, I started my career path. It was very difficult to combine studies with my work, but I enjoyed a lot what I was doing and I really wanted to make a change to the place which gave so many opportunities for the growth and development.

In 2016 I graduated with the Bachelor Diploma in International Relations and European Studies from Lazarski and Coventry University and my parents and friends were very proud of me. However, I realized that I need a change in my life, and I started to learn Chinese. Moreover, my luck and patience helped me again when received the offer from HP Inc., the global leader in printing and computing. They offered me a position where I could speak German, the language which I have been learning for more than five years. I agreed and in two weeks I moved to Wroclaw.

I work there for more than a year and I know that without Lazarski University I could not count on working in such a well-known corporation. I am one of the youngest in HP Wroclaw HUB, and I really enjoy to work there. My responsibility is to solve payment related queries of employees and vendors for such markets, as Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. I am also an HP Finance Ambassador, and I participate in many initiatives which help me to develop in finances.

I am just in the beginning of my career path and I continue to work hard on becoming successful. I also believe that studies prepare us for being productive at work. This is why I decided to continue my education and applied for online Master Studies in Economy which are offered by Lazarski University. It a real challenge for me to study in Polish on the specially designed platform but I know that I will cope with it.

Coming to the end, I wish all students of Lazarski University to believe in themselves, to use all opportunities which this educational institution gives them and to listen to success stories of our professors who are often unaware how wise and intelligent they are!