Katarzyna Rzentarzewska

Senior Analyst at Research Department at Erste Group Bank

Success Story

Currently I am working as a Senior Analyst at Research Department at Erste Group Bank, one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe based in Vienna. My job is to provide the most accurate analysis and forecasts on the Polish economy. Every day, I sit down and try my best to guess what the future will bring to economic output, unemployment or inflation. Although our external clients and public stakeholders appreciate my opinion on forex movements and yield curve shifts, my expertise serves in general for "secret" internal purposes, for instance, as a recommendations for investment decisions on the bond market. Yet, my job is not only about number crunching. Often I am meeting investors, fund managers and officials from the Ministries and central banks. I am also in touch with the media, so next time when you read in a paper that the economy is developing in line with the expectations of analysts; it means I did a good job as I am one of them ;)


Anyway, I began my career at Lazarski. After finishing the dual degree studies, which, by the way, provided me with an excellent knowledge and skills in behavioral economics and English, Lazarski gave me an opportunity to try my hand at teaching and research. And so I became a Teaching Assistant and began my PhD studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences. I liked the world of academia a lot. The work environment was open-minded and vigorous. Teachers were friendly and charismatic. Suddenly, there were no boundaries and I felt that I could push my own limits.


Thus, I applied for the scholarship at CERGE-EI (Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education - Economics Institute), TOP 5% western-style graduate program in Prague. Hard times had come. Tough selection process, tests from math and statistics. But gains from Lazarski proved to be "significant" and I had succeeded. The demanding curriculum was designed to develop critical thinking, analytical and programming skills, revealing where my competitive advantages lie. And after another well-earned Masters Degree has opened the way to interesting job offers I have finally decided to enter the job market.


So I started to work as a junior analyst in Ceska Sporitelna, one of the biggest banks in the Czech Republic. And new job brings new challenges. You need to be creative, to work under pressure, to bring up rigorous analysis. You need to deliver in a competitive multicultural environment, where effective communication is necessary for a success. In Prague I have begun to develop my expertise on Polish economy and I continue to explore macroeconomics until this day in Vienna.


I greatly appreciate studying at Lazarski. The program at Lazarski not only helped me to become successful in my professional carrier, but it has also created opportunities to meet interesting people, built relationships and the whole alumni network. I have continued to be active in Lazarski’s life as the President of the Department of Economics Program Committee that gathers business practitioners, top analysts from all over the world, who share common interest in bringing academic education closer to real life challenges. And what I value the most: some of the people I have met are still present in my personal life today.