Tetiana Bezzubtseva


Success Story

The story is quite extraordinary, as I'm always on the lookout for something new, and there's always a lot of possibilities for me to grow.

A few words about me: I was born in Ukraine in a small town with a population of 100 000 people. I graduated from the University in Kyiv (USUFIT) with a a bachelor's degree in International Law and in 2010 I enrolled at the Lazarski University. It was a British program Master of Arts in International Relations in English, and the next year I took additional course in Polish.


During my studies, I worked as a freelancer in computer graphics and post-production for several years, and after graduating from Lazarski University, I was already aiming for a new permanent job in the field of international relations.

This study has completely turned my life, helped me to see new opportunities, get many new acquaintances with bright people and get knowledge in an interesting field for me. This was the first courageous step on the way to new dreams and achievements.

I was looking for a job in a big company where I could develop, apply my knowledge and expand them, communicate in several languages, negotiate with other companies and gain a multifaceted experience in import-export business from the legal and economic side.

In fact, I found such work in certification. It was a company from Russia, which expanded its activities in Poland, and we were one of the first in Europe in this area. What we did was help to get all kinds of certificates and permits for manufacturers from Poland and the EU for their exports to the CIS countries such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

Our friendly team captured almost the entire market in Poland, participated in seminars and exhibitions, monitored changes in relevant legal norms and determined which documents are needed for each type of product.

Furthermore, on my first day in this company, during we got acquainted to each other and discussed the seemingly standard question “Where do you see yourself in five years?”, I was the only one who said that I would be an entrepreneur. And this happened.

After several years of successful work in this company, I decided to leave and start my own business. Namely, we teamed up with my husband, who also worked as a freelancer for many years, assembled a team and in 2014 opened our company - Bezev. Our main activity was the creation of complex websites and online stores, and almost everything related to the Internet, advertising and design, including naming for companies and products, the development of logos and corporate identity.

At the moment, our company works with clients from more than 12 countries of the world, including Australia, China and Japan. Our main sales channel is recommendations from our past clients, and orders are usually planned for 3 months ahead. Moreover, recently we are making more complex projects using 3D and product constructors.

However, this was not enough for me either. Therefore, in 2016, when the company got to its feet, I left the leadership to my husband, and plunged into a new field of activity: export-import of chemical products, international freight and logistics.

Meanwhile I took additional courses, got a certificate of the carrier's competence, got a transport license, worked with some of the world's largest manufacturers of selected chemical products, found the necessary transport, opened a new office, engaged in freight and arranged everything as much as possible and then… successfully went on my maternity leave.

What now? Of course, big plans for the future. I want to return to work, expand in the transport sector, get more profits and conquer new markets. No doubt, in a few years I will open another interesting business, because my ideas and ambitions will not give me any rest. And that is the real way to success!